Traveling North

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IMAG0116Michigan.  This is not a state I had ever imagined traveling to (before our decision to travel that is), and definitely not one I thought I would have much interest in.  However; this proved to be a state that I found to be very beautiful.
We were lucky in locating, a campsite in between Ann Arbor and Lansing which was great because we got to spend a day in each of these cities. Our campsite was on a lake that was quite busy, as it was the weekend, but it IMAG0130was near a really awesome park that was like nothing we had been to before.  The kids loved it.
Our first day we went to Lansing, because it was a Saturday and we wanted to tour the capital building which is not open for tours on Sunday.  It worked out really well because we ended up getting to park for free.  Being from a smaller area, paying for parking is not something we think about, and I honestly get annoyed about it.  DSCN4543DSCN4518DSCN4519DSCN4514DSCN4523


The capital building is beautiful, and it was very interesting to learn about some of the history of not only the capital itself, but the state as well.  They gave out coloring books to the kids that were also full of interesting facts, they have been relating these to us as they color in the pages. IMAG0133 It is great.  The other stop we made, after a delicious lunch at the soup spoon café, was at the children’s garden.  It was done so well, and the kids loved all the different gardens they had planted.  I will highligIMAG0136ht a few of our favorites, there was a pizza garden where they had all plants needed to make a pizza, a peanut butter and jelly garden which contained a peanut plant as well as strawberry plants, and a crayon garden that had flowers of all sorts of colors with crayons of the same colors in the background.  There were so many neat things about it that it would probably take an entire post to DSCN4549list everything.  It was an interesting and educational day for all of us, and we hope to make it back someday.
Ann Arbor was our next day trip.  We had some errands to run when we first got to town, this included a stop at Target where we bought the kids each a new (small) toy that had been promised to them, because they had been such good sports and so helpful in getting rid of all our stuff (including most of their old toys).  The destination here was the Hands on Museum.  We are so glad we found this place, with the ASTC membership we purchased it was totally free for all of us.  There was so much to do here that once again it would take an entire post to describe it all.  Honestly it was so much that we didn’t even get to it all.  Some of the highlights were the water play room which had so many levers, tubes, IMAG0149balls, and spouts that we could have spent the entire time in there alone, there was also an ambulance that the kids could sit in, as well as, get in the back where they had a video playing of real EMT’s and what they do, the other thing the kids really had fun with was the floor game where there were images of beach balls that they would step on and send flying into objects on the other teams side.  It was a great place for the kids (and adults) to spend a day, and we were all sad when it was time to go.IMAG0142
All in all Southern Michigan surprised me.  It was such a pretty place and so green compared to what we are used to.  There was so much to do that we wished we caould stay longer.  Even the campsite surprised us, because at first weren’t even going to stay due to the fact that the site was not at all level and the neighbors were loud and running through all the sites without care, but we are glad we decided to stay after all.  The kids gaot to swim in the lake, play at the park, and our neighbor that showed up the last night even gave us free firwood and turned out to be a life saver with our disaster on moving day.  Really hope we make it back to Michigan.


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