Selling our house

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boys in the gondolaWe had decided to go on our adventure, but we still had to sell the house for the right price to make it happen. The first thing we did was have a yard sale to get rid of as much stuff as possible. Everything that didn’t sell was organized into the garage.

Then we had to get some work done on the house to get it market ready. We had been trying to get everything in order for several years and had made progress, but the final push was on and we started working 10-12 hour days to get everything finished. It took two weeks to build steps, a patio, rock the driveway, and a myriad of other little projects. During that time we also put more items out in the garage to sell. We also filled a room with packed boxes of things we were going to keep.

So after getting rid of half of everything and then getting rid of a little more, we were finally ready to list the house. We had a buyers agent that had helped us purchase the house, but he kept giving us prices to sell the house at that were all over the place. So we interviewed several real estate agents and asked them what we should list the house for to get a good idea of what was realistic. We decided to use Marshall Realty because they focus on the marketing side of selling homes. We listed the property and they sent a professional photographer to take pictures of the property. Then it became a nerve racking waiting game.

Luckily the house only took 10 days on the market to sell! (and that was at a price $55,000 more than the buyers agent suggested we sell it for!) After jumping hurdles for several weeks to keep the deal together we were finally within a week of closing. We rented a storage unit and started moving our items to it. Now we just need to find a travel trailer so we won’t have to be homeless for too long.

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