Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks

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Vermont is known for maple syrup, so what better way to start our time in Vermont than with a tour of a maple syrup farm? Maple season is actually in the spring so they were not making the syrup while we were there, but we stilled learned about the process. Maple syrup isn’t something I ever really thought much about, I just knew it was way more expensive than other syrups in the grocery stores. After visiting a real maple syrup farm, the      Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks, I have a much better understanding about making maple syrup. It takes forty gallons of tree sap to make a single gallon of maple syrup! The farmers need to charge more for their organic products and after tasting real maple sugar I don’t know if we will ever go back to the cheap imitation syrups. We really enjoyed exploring the farm. The kids loved hiking through the trees where we got to see the tubing hooked up that drains the sap. I especially enjoyed all the wood carvings that were scattered around the farm. It was an educational day spent learning about a farming tradition that goes back eight generations on the Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks. After sampling maple syrup and other yummy goodies we decided to get the kids creemees and a maple milk shake for the adults. It seems like a tradition for many of the locals because we kept seeing people stop in to get one for themselves. We enjoyed ours outside while we lounged in the beautiful fall weather, it was delicious. The fall foliage made a quaint backdrop and added to our experience as much as the great tasting treats. Near the swings the farm has a large model of the capitol building that was built for parades. It was nice to see another work of art, especially a capitol building since we are visiting them all. Afterwards we let the kids play on the swings for a spell, then we walked over to visit the goats. The kids had a blast petting and saying hello to these friendly mammals. It was a perfect finish to our afternoon spent touring The Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks where we all learned somethings about life on a maple sugar farm.

Here is the link to their website and more pictures of our visit:

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