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img_5973Our first stop upon returning to Oregon was in Astoria.  We stayed at Fort Stevens state park which is located in the northern tip of the state.  The campground was pretty full so we did not get the best site, it was basically attached to our neighbors site.  This really didn’t matter though because it was kinda drizzly and raining off and on most of our time in the park.  Luckily we had enough non-rainy weather that we could still get out and explore the area.img_5903

It was a really neat park with many things to see and do.  The beach wasn’t to far, although it was a bit of a walk (about 1 mile each way).  On our first visit to the beach we walked, but decided to drive after that due to the not so ideal weather.  At this beach there are the remains of an old ship wreck.  It is accessible to the public during low tide which the kids thought was pretty cool.  It’s popular so right near the wreck was a little crowded, but further down the beach the people were all spread out.  It is img_5793also a driving beach with four wheel drive access points, so we took the kids for their first drive on a beach.  We had a great time visiting Oregon beaches, the kids even found buried treasure.  We are looking forward to seeing more of the Oregon coast in our future travels.

img_5827 img_5853


There is also the site of Fort Stevens which was built for World War One.  They have bunkers, the communications building, gun emplacements, and the foundations from all the barracks.  Some of it is accessible to the public so we got to really see the buildings and explore the grounds of the site.  At the main site they have a small museum which was free for us because we were staying at the campground.  It was interesting and had information all about the fort.  Oregon State Parks do the Junior Ranger Program so the kids were able to participate and learn some about the park through that program.  It is always great for the kids to learn while doing things that us parents also enjoy.

We spent a day in the town of Astoria as well.  Most people are probably familiar with a movie called The Goonies which was mostly filmed in Astoria, and being fans of this movie we had to see the house.  It is mostly off limits to tourists 1475882943128because of its location being on a hill and in a neighborhood with very little parking, so we quickly drove by, but didn’t stop or take pictures out of respect for the current owners of the property.  The Astoria tower is another attraction we decided to check out (we were kinda annoyed to find out parking was $5 after we were already there).  It is quite a climb to the top, 164 stairs to be exact, but we made it.  The view was amazing.  1475882950777We arrived late, around 5pm, to the downtown area and the shops were already closing, but we did walk around a little bit.  It seemed nice and we hope to make it back (before 5pm) someday.

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