A Castle in America?!?

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Sometimes we come across hidden gems on our adventure. Baton Rouge has an amazing capitol and I will get to that soon, but the old capitol building has been turned into a free museum and it looks like a castle! The spiral staircase with a stained glass dome could be the most spectacular stairway we have seen yet. The museum had tons of Baton Rouge and Louisiana history, plus a display about modern times in Baton Rouge. Across the street is a walking path next to the Mississippi river with a destroyer, museums, fountains and artwork scattered around making it a pleasant place to walk. The kids found plenty of Mardi Gras beads from the parade the previous weekend and we are looking forward to actually seeing a parade soon.

Every time we visit a new state capitol building, we find something great and amazing about the place.Louisiana’s capitol building is a skyscraper that is the tallest capitol building in the country and we all enjoyed looking at the city from the observation deck on the 27th floor. Like other capitol buildings, this one had marble columns/floors, statues, artwork and other fancy items lending it a feeling of opulence that would impress any foreign dignitary. Next to the capitol building is a park with the old battery that defended the river. It happens to be the only site outside of the original colonies that a battle was fought during the civil war. The best part for us was the free parking that is available in the park, but we still enjoyed looking at the original battery and ammo storage building.

We have been to quite a few museums on our adventure and it is a great way to teach the kids. The Louisiana Art and Science Museum was great because it had a little of everything in it for us to learn about. The kids loved the hands on science room and play area. It was great to see the art and discuss the different techniques the artists used and how art has changed through history. We watched an educational dinosaur movie in the high tech planetarium. Sarah and I were really impressed with the ancient Egyptian mummy and artifacts. Yes this museum has a little of everything and after a few hours of exploring it, we had all learned a ton. The kids even found the time to make a play for us to film in the museum that you can watch if you click the link below. (They said if it gets enough likes that they want t If you visit Baton Rouge it is definitely worth taking a day to visit the Louisiana Art and Science Museum and the old capitol building museum.

Baton Rouge State Capitol


Louisiana Art and Science Museum


Louisiana’s Old State Capitol Building Museum


A Roman Drama by the Kids



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