A Beautiful Gallery of Photos

Gallery One: America is Beautiful

Getting the right shot is a three part recipe. One part encompasses skill and another the timing. The last ingredient is the luck and it is finicky. Sometimes the weather isn’t on your side. When your luck is good though the results are worth all the hikes and excursions. When that wild animal pauses to let you take a photo shoot right on the trail or the clouds all blow away leaving a perfect autumn day.

It is difficult not to take photographs of this beautiful country.  There have so many opportunities to get some really great pictures as we have traveled state by state.  It is incredible to be able to see so many places and the things that live there.  We know that not everyone is able to travel to these wonderful locations.  That is why we want to share our photos with you.

We hope you enjoy participating in our adventure through reading our articles, but also through our photography.  It can be inspiring to see the beautiful things that this country has to offer.   Which is why we try to capture that beauty for you to enjoy.  Maybe it will encourage you to take your own adventure or maybe you just want to see something beautiful.  Either way we hope that our photos bring a positive feeling into your life.




Gallery Two: Mushrooms


The galleries we have to offer will be rotated periodically.  There are just too many beautiful photographs to offer them all at once.  We have organized them into several different groups which we hope will make it easy to view.  Make sure you order what you like because we will only offer each gallery for a limited time.

Future galleries will become available before we remove older ones, but not for long.  So be sure to place your order promptly.  We will have many more beautiful photos to offer so check back regularly.  Even if you are just here to enjoy the beauty we hope it inspires you to get outside to see some amazing things.