A Family Adventure!

Our New Ride

As a family we are going to go on an adventure and explore this great country we live in. Visiting museums, zoos, botanical gardens, farms, national and state parks, capital cities, and historical sites fits our homeschooling plan of allowing the kids to learn first hand about life.

A bit about us. . .

Chris is the dad of the bunch and works as a graphic artist. He also has a full time job fixing things for the family and helping mom teach the kids.

Sarah is the mom that takes care of all the kids (including the big kid known as dad). She is an amazing cook and teacher.

Miles is the oldest child and is an inventor. He loves reading, fixing things and has been called an old soul in a young body.

Journey is the female child and an artist at heart. She enjoys reading and gymnastics.

Trip is the youngest kid and takes the lead from his older siblings. He likes riding his horse (aka dad),  being right by mommy, and cartoons.

We are a family with strong convictions and morals who view things through a different lens then most. We like to work hard and play hard. You only get one life, so you better start living it because no one else can. We are the sum of our choices and even the smallest choice counts!