Take a Look at Some of These Cool Places

This country is full of cool places!

We enjoy traveling around the country.  One of the best parts is discovering cool places we have never heard of.  National Parks and state capitol buildings are beautiful, but they are well known locations.  It is pretty awesome to come across a place that we had no idea existed and it turns out to be great.

Our goal on this adventure is to learn.  This means that many of the places we visit are educational.  We have found that even visiting some of these cool places can be a learning experience.  Join our adventure and learn with us.  Click on a link below to find out about some of the cool places we have visited besides the usual national park or capitol.  Cool Stuff is everywhere!


How do we discover these cool places?

There are several ways we find out about cool places when we are in a new area.  Our main resource is the internet of course.  We use Google Maps which is a great tool.  Open the map and start looking around in the area because you never know what you will find.

Another great resource is the locals.  People that live in the area know about all kinds of cool places.  Many times the campground owners or hosts have some great recommendations.  We are a very budget minded family so sometimes their suggestions can be expensive, but we are always open to new experiences.

Brochures and area magazines are also a great way to find out about where to go.  These can usually be found in the campground offices or at information centers.  It pays to look around because while the internet is a great tool it doesn’t know everything.  We have discovered some great places by talking to locals and being open to new things.