Journey’s A-Mazing Birthday in Vermont

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A corn maze that you could actually get lost in always seemed like a fun thing to do. I have been in several corn mazes, but never one that was challenging and definitely not one I could get lost in. They are usually pretty small and only take a few minutes to get through. Our daughter Journey had a birthday coming and we wanted to do something different that would be fun for the whole family. When we found out that Vermont was home to New England’s largest corn maze, The Great Vermont Corn Maze, we decided it would be a great place to spend her birthday.

The corn in this maze is over ten feet tall and taller in some places, which means you are not seeing over it to find your way out. There are places to stamp a card throughout the maze to help you stay on track (or at least know when you are back to a place you have already been). Within the maze there are some really fun things placed in various locations. The kids couldn’t wait to find the French Toast boat, the world’s only corn cruiser. It also included several bridges which you cross as well as go under. The dinosaurs were also fun (the first time). These features can also be accessed by route of the scenic maze in case you have younger kids or are just not up for the challenge of the big maze.

It took us several hours to complete the entire maze and with only two hints. The maze itself was a wonderful way to spend our daughters 8th birthday and something I think she will always remember. Our adventure didn’t end with the maze however, this place also has a really cool play area, barnyard golf course, and a petting zoo (goats only, but still fun). The barnyard golf is fun because it puts a different spin on mini golf. You use canes instead of clubs to hit plastic balls into farm themed obstacles. It was very unique. The kids could have spent hours climbing around in the barn where they had built a series of underground tunnels and a large climbing structure. It was a really fun place.

If you are ever in Vermont in the fall I would definitely recommend s visit to The Great Vermont Corn Maze. It was challenging for kids and adults alike. They include many features to make it exciting like bridges and boats. They have several emergency exits in case you have to take a break ( which you will if you have kids because they will have to go to the bathroom). The Pretendin play area was very fun along with all the other fun things you can reward the kids with when you finish. If you want to see the video of the Pretendin play area it is on our Patreon feed. It was huge and they change it every year so it’s always different. Check it out in this video or read the following articles about our other Vermont adventures.

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The Great Vermont Corn Maze

Here is the video of us going through the maze

The Maze was awesome and here is the aerial view


  1. How awesome!! That looks like so much fun!!! I bet the weather was amazing too! Happy early birthday Journey!!! We miss and love you guys!!! ♥️

    – Mari, Isaias and the kiddos!

    Mari Villarreal

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