IMAG0494 (1)There was good and bad with our Madison trip.  The choices for camping are not abundant and mainly in county parks.  We chose one close to the capital building knowing this was to be one of our destinations.  Unfortunately, it was on a very busy, noisy road with only a chain-link fence between us and the road.  Other than the noise (which basically lasted all night) it was fine, although the showers were not clean and to be avoided.  Fortunately, it was close to town and a laundry mat, which we were desperately in need of.  The roads in Wisconsin are pretty rough, I guess due to the cold weather, so it was a pretty bumpy ride especially with the trailer hitched up.  I would also warn people to beware of the parking situation in this city, because (at least so far) it was probably the worst city parking ever.  There was no free public parking near the capital building, which has not been the case in any of the other capital’s we have visited thus far.  Also the parking garages require you to pay up front, meaning you have to guess how long you will be there and hope whatever you are doing doesn’t take longer than you expected.  It was just so unlike any other parking garage I have ever parked in.  I am sure this will not be the strangest thing that occurs in our travels. Continue reading


IMAG0320 (1)Although we would have liked to get to Madison in a single day, it was too far to travel with the kids. Sarah found a great spot halfway
across the state in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Badger park is a quiet city park with an amazing IMAG0313 (1)playground. We were able to stay only the one day
planned because so many people already had reservations. It was great for the single night though and the camp host was extremely nice.
He told us about the museum in town dedicated to the fire that had destroyed the entire town around the time of the great Chicago fire.
We went to the museum and discovered a hidden gem in Peshtigo. The free museum took up several floors of an old church and we could have
spent the entire day looking around. Unfortunately we had to get on the road, so we only IMAG0333 (1)got to look around for a few hours. The town of
Peshtigo had a huge fire that was larger than the one that Chicago had and the museum had tons of artifacts that were either damaged
or that had miraculously survived. The museum also had a large selection of turn of the century items, including an old washing machine,
old switch boards, adding machines, old wood stoves and way too much more to list. The kids learned some history and the adults enjoyed
looking at all the interesting displays. Even though we wanted to stay longer, it was time to hit the road and see the capital!  IMAG0336 (1)IMAG0338 (1)