Salt Lake City

IMAG0791 (1)If you are planning to go to Salt Lake City be prepared to pay a premium for your stay. Normally we try to find a good compromise between the low cost camp sites and the really pricey nice camp sites. In Salt Lake City there was very little choice and none of them were inexpensive to a family with a travel trailer. If we were tent camping again, we would have had several options for staying low cost. In our trailer though it was high dollar or hours away. Originally we were thinking of staying right on the great salt lake, but then we figured out that the peninsula had a toll and we would have to pay it each way! So we looked at all the resorts in town and decided on one north of the capital that was slightly less expensive. After driving all day we were informed it was $65 a night to stay at the place we had chosen. I was on the verge of going somewhere else, but we had already looked into the situation and knew that there was no where else decent to go. While we debated taking one of the last spots, people and lined up behind us with their motorhomes and travel trailers! We decided to bite the bullet and just pay for the space, but only for two nights instead of three. The shift changed and Sarah was able to get us in for only $45 a night with the new worker. I guess we got lucky too because by the time we pulled into the camp, there was five people behind us trying to find a site.

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