Nature Lover or History Buff?

Museums or wildlife observation?

Which do you prefer? On a visit to Ohio you can enjoy both if you choose. With Cuyahoga Valley National Park in the North and The Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park in the south it makes for the best of both worlds.

Cuyahoga Valley, like all the National Parks, is a place unlike any other. It was decide by the citizens of Ohio that it needed to be protected for future generations to enjoy. It has taken some time to get it to it’s current condition, but with the return of the beaver and otters, it proves that nature is a powerful force.

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Finding a Great Campground in Ohio

Finding a great campground at a great price can be challenging.

Finding one that has availability can be downright frustrating at times. In our travels we like to be flexible, we want to stay longer if we like a place or leave early if we just want to move on, this means we don’t make reservations. This has its ups and its downs.

Because we choose not to plan to far in advance, more often than not we just show up and hope for the best. So far this has, for the most part, worked out for us. We tend to look for campgrounds that don’t even accept reservations or ones that are not easily reserved online.

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First Camp

We IMAG0107originally wanted to make our first camp right near where we purchased the travel trailer, in case there was any problems with it. Unfortunately a storm came in, so in order to avoid it we traveled north a few hours to Amish country in Ohio. There we found our first camp site at Scenic Hills RV. This was a perfect place for us to start our grand adventure because the sites were level gravel with a grass area next to them. It had full hook ups including Wi-Fi and they even provided free fire wood!
IMAG0117After setting up camp (super easy due to the level site), we started moving into our new home. It was nice to get our stuff out of the car and into the travel trailer.
The kids made a friend almost immediately and he even helped gather firewood for us. All the campers were friendly and the park was extremely quiet and peaceful. I know the kids were happy to get their toys out and a Lego party ensued. Mom and Dad were just happy to be able to cook dinner and do laundry, plus we could open the car doors without things falling out!
IMAG0122Amish country is beautiful scenic farm land even if it is a bit touristy. We visited a cheese factory and sampled every kind of cheese you could imagine, then we purchased two small packages to take home. Miles had us visit a joke shop so he could pickup a practical joke and Journey purchased some fortune telling fish. The best part for us was the bakery where we got a free slice of pie and bought the most delicious homemade milk shake ever for the family to share. It was so good, we also bought doughnuts to eat the next morning that were also delightful.IMAG0116
We wished we could stay at this campground longer, however we had to keep moving on down the road. Next stop Michigan!