Trail Food Deluxe Mix

I know that Sarah has made some amazing food over the years and that I am just beginning to be able to cook with any skill, but sometimes it doesn’t take fancy food to please people. Sure I love a homemade chicken pot pie or Italian stuffed chicken when we are at home. On the road though, you don’t always have the time or energy to make a culinary delight that can be packed into your travel plans. We like to hike and if you have read any of this blog then you know we love museums. Occasionally we eat at restaurants, if we always ate out though it would get expensive quick. I would love to say that I had the idea to make mixes on my own, but it was actually my mother and father-in-law that planted the idea in my head.

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Bites

I love to bake! Making good food for my family is one of my passions. Monday used to be my baking day, this was to ensure that we would have treats for most of the week. Now that we are on the road full time I sadly do not bake as often as I used to. Some might think this due to having a tiny kitchen, but that is not the case. The truth is that we are very busy now exploring this giant country. We spend so much of our time touring capitol buildings, exploring new cities, and hiking, that baking just kind of falls to the wayside. It has been a big change and I do miss baking day. However, I do still find time to occasionally make a freshly baked treat for my family (and yes me too). I sometimes get an idea for something I want to bake using items I have on hand and I just cannot find a recipe that matches up, so I make up my own. I thought I would share this recipe at the request of one of our readers. It is my own recipe so let me know what you think or any changes you make to it when you try it yourself. Continue reading

Honey You Shrunk My Kitchen!

IMG_0533Life in the travel trailer has been an adjustment for all of us.  One of the biggest adjustments for me has been food related.  The grocery shopping, as well as the cooking, and preparing meals is still something I am getting used to.  It definitely takes a little longer to do the shopping when you are  always in a new store.  We never know where anything is and the prices vary so much from place to place, but things are always less expensive when they are sourced locally.  It’s not a bad thing it is just different.


Peanut-butter and Jelly Bites

As for the cooking……. well, it’s just a smaller space.  I love to cook delicious, healthy meals for my family, and I didn’t want that to change when we decided to take our lives on the road.  For the most part I am still preparing most of our meals in house, and I am grateful to have all that I need here in my little kitchen.  It is not as challenging as I thought it would be to have a significantly smaller space to prepare our meals.  It takes a little more planning on our part, as the refrigerator doesn’t hold an abundance of food (we have to finish all the milk before we buy more).  We do our grocery shopping about once a week and plan ahead for meals.  I prefer fresh ingredients and typically went shopping once a week anyway, so this was not a big change for me.  Planning meals is a good habit in my opinion, it takes all the guess work out of meal times, and it makes the shopping easier because I know exactly what I need for the week ahead.  I have even been able to do a little baking which is something I


The outdoor kitchen and barbeque are great and we use them on a regular basis!

love to do.  I look forward to sharing some of my favorite recipes with you and would love to try some of yours so feel free to share.



Here is Sarah cooking in her little kitchen for your viewing pleasure