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Slide Support Stabilizer Jacks

We didn’t buy these until we had been on the road for a little under a year, but I wish we would have bought these right away! They are worth every penny if you have a super slide. Due to the size of the slides, the weight of the slide can cause the under flooring to get damaged. Eventually the floor will get soft spots and a major issue will develop. Beside saving the floor, these things are great for reducing trailer movement at camp and make the place feel more like a stationary home. Just make sure you pack them up before pulling in the slide.

Mini Dish Drainer and Drying Mat

Our trailer doesn’t have a dish washer, so we hand wash everything. Having a good place to set the dishes to dry is important. We like the little Camco one because it fits in our sink on travel days. The drying mats are awesome and we just clip them up to dry out occasionally. These are important items for us because doing the dishes occurs twice a day and it should be as easy as possible.


Walkie Talkies

We have used our Cobra Walkie Talkies for years and they get the job done. There is no way we could have backed up into some of the camps we loved without a pair of good walkie talkies. They are very inexpensive these days and are worth every penny. Believe me they will save you time and trouble.

Vacuum Cleaner

Even though we ditched the 2300 sq. ft. of floors to clean, we still need something for our trailer. Our Dirt Devil Vibe has done the job for over a year and fits in a corner nicely. Some camps it has worked overtime and it still runs. Get yourself a light weight cleaning device because you will need one.

Travel Entertainment

Screen time is limited for our kids, so finding other ways to keep them entertained in the car is tricky. Luckily for us there are so many ways to occupy them and we just change it up regularly. After all, the license plate game is only good for a year or so before it gets a little old.