A Drive Through the Forest to Visit a King

I have always enjoyed hiking in the forest and our entire time in Georgia was spent in the woods. Our campsite near Atlanta was a state park called High Falls. It was a beautiful place with a dam that created a waterfall as well as some more natural lower falls. The campsites were large with plenty of room for our rig, and some beautiful hiking trails we were able to enjoy. For some strange reason we had overnight neighbors come and go during our stay, but we had multiple empty camp sites all around us. That coupled with the huge grass area behind our camp allowed the kids to really enjoy running around in camp. The laundry and showers were just a short walk up the road and the end of the loop was empty of campers, so the kids could ride their scooters way further than we normally allow.

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A Historical Place that will Take you Back in Time

Savannah Georgia was our destination after leaving Florida. We were all excited to see this historical city, and we were not disappointed. The buildings and layout of the historical district is wonderful. It is easy to walk the entire area, but if walking is not your thing or you are physically unable to they also provide a free bus service with many stops all around the district. We first stopped by the visitor center where parking is free for the first hour only. They have many resources and friendly staff that were happy to answer all of our questions. We were there on a Friday so we parked at metered parking because it is free after five and on the weekends. We enjoyed seeing all the old buildings and just walking around.

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Support Us

So we have put off putting any ads on the website because we personally don’t care much for advertisements. As we come up on our first year on the road anniversary though we realize that this adventure is going to take way longer than a single year to accomplish. We figure that it will take approximately three years to see the continental 48 states and then we somehow have to figure out Alaska and Hawaii. Amazon seemed the best way to monetize our website because people on the road appreciate buying things online and it wouldn’t cost anything extra for someone to click our links. Our website is now costing us a monthly fee in addition to hours and hours of labor, so it makes sense to put some marketing on it. We are not greedy and are definitely not trying to get rich off other people, but if someone likes our content and would like to support our endeavors then they can shop through Amazon within 24 hours of clicking a link and it helps us. Rather than putting a ton of ads all over the place, we will try to keep them minimal and relevant. I thought that affiliate marketing was better than just posting a Paypal link like this


although if someone wanted to just help us out then they could, but I like the idea of people helping us out while doing something they regularly do anyways. Either way, if you help us out know that we will appreciate it and you will be helping us with our dream.


Chris Bloomfield


Laundry Day!

Laundry is one of those never ending chores (no matter how much you do there is always more!) and I got a lot of questions about how we were going to get the job done once we were living on the road full time. It was something I had definitely taken into consideration before we took the leap to live full time in our travel trailer since I had no experience doing laundry anywhere but in my house. The information, however; was limited, I couldn’t find anything about the cost of doing laundry at a laundromat or a campground or how to find these places. So after having done laundry for a family of five while full time living in our travel trailer I thought I would share my experience for others who might also be considering this lifestyle.

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5 Things That Change when you Travel Full Time

Traveling across the country a couple of times gives you perspective. America is made up of individual states and each state has it’s own style and idiosyncrasies. Although there are tons of similarities and people are basically the same whether you are in Washington of Florida, there are lots of differences. As we travel around this big country we have noticed these five things are drastically and can be hard for a full time traveler to deal with. If you are thinking of full timing and want to know what you might encounter, then this blog might help you. Just remember there are tons of things that stay the same (we will go over some of those on another blog post).

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Don’t Forget the Bug Spray!

Mosquitoes. Lot’s and lot’s of mosquitoes. Yes Everglades National Park is known for having mosquitoes, but all the other amazing things we were able to see and do while we were there made it bearable. We stayed on the gulf side of the park as well as staying at the Long Pine Key campground within the park boundaries. I don’t usually need bug spray, but I did have to apply it several times while staying in the park campground (we went through two whole bottles). There are so many things to do in Everglades, even if you don’t have a boat. We saw a ton of wildlife, walked several trails, visited the Nike Missile Base, and attended a ranger talk one evening. Of course a trip to the Everglades wouldn’t be complete without renting a canoe and rowing down a mangrove lined canal.

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5 Modifications Of Our Trailer

Almost every full timer makes some modifications to their living space. We talked with another couple that had the same model trailer as us and they had a few mods to show us. I decided to show our mods to him and we both walked away with plans to make future modifications. It got me to thinking that our mods might help someone else planning on full timing or satisfy someones curiosity about life on the road. After you read this please feel free to comment suggestions for additional mods that would help us or questions if you want technical information on how to do the mod yourself.

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A Surreal Family Visit

One of the greatest aspects of our adventure is seeing family that we haven’t seen in decades. We were able to see my aunt in St. Petersburg and the visit was wonderful. We took a stroll down memory lane and visited the gift shop my parents used to own at John’s Pass. We had our first dolphin sighting, which everyone was really excited about. During our stay we also took a trolley ride and the driver was hilarious, so everyone had a blast. The pool was a little cool as a cold snap had just come through, but there wasn’t any snow and the kids did brave going in for a little swim. It was great to get to reconnect with family and we were happy to be able to see my aunt.

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