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Traveling North

Michigan.  This is not a state I had ever imagined traveling to (before our decision to travel that is), and definitely not one I thought I would have much interest in.  However; this proved to be a state that I … Continue reading

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First disaster

Up until this point in our adventure we have been pretty lucky and had very little go wrong. A few missed turns and an ear ache have been the only real negative things to happen. When we went to break … Continue reading

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First Camp

We originally wanted to make our first camp right near where we purchased the travel trailer, in case there was any problems with it. Unfortunately a storm came in, so in order to avoid it we traveled north a few … Continue reading

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Getting the travel trailer

After spending five days driving across the country we finally arrived in Ohio and were ready to pick up our new home. We were trying to be early to the walk through, but google maps sent us the wrong way. … Continue reading

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Phase One

I thought I would share a little with you about the adventure we had in getting to our new home.  It turned out we could not get the travel trailer we preferred locally.  They just did not have the floor … Continue reading

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